Tuesday, February 28, 2006


30 miles in 60 minutes, on rollers. First half hour avg. heart rate at 153, aerobic breathing, no problems. Last ten minutes trying to maintain 31.5 mph started pedaling in "squares" heart rate close to max. at 185, cadence down to 90 rpm, its funny to watch how your body reacts when you hit the "wall", finished at 30.3 mph avg. over the 60 minutes, washed all the lactic acid out with some POM, recommended by Jeff Kerkove, it aint too bad...tonight, back outside

Monday, February 27, 2006


Whats a good name for slimy mud over ice? Slice or mice? First lap around Geode yesterday 10:00am Frozen solid and perfect, second lap 1 hour later, about 1/4 inch of really slick goo on top of the frozen ground. Fun but dangerous, had to bug out after that because I didn't want to ride on the trails as they thawed, I'm comin up short on actual miles for this month but the effort has been up, think I'll put some serious roller miles on tonight...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Keep rollin-rollin-rollin-rollin-WHAT?

Roller racing with the Ahmish in Kalona Iowa.

Friday, February 24, 2006

How Many???

How many laps around the brand NEW BEE's baseball parking lot does it take to get to 20 miles? 80! I OVER-estimated its length a bit, its only 1/4 mile around. Thats OK, I'd rather do a real "road" than spend an hour on the trainer any day, I was able to keep my ave. above 18 mph without pushing too hard, now I need about 20 more sessions like that before my first roadie event which is March 19th, put on by the DICE team. Gonna ride a boatload at Geode this weekend, trail should be in good condition too. Anyone ever notice that when you have a local trail "dialed in" its hard to pace yourself? I gotta FORCE myself to stay aerobic while riding there, I just seem to keep pushing the speed up until I realize that I DON"T want race pace today, I want time in the saddle to burn some FAT. Tax money WAHOO, time for a REBA team fork, my PSYLO's bushings are HISTORY, its getting so loose it feels like my headsets fallin out.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Think Spring

Not much other than training going on right now, during a snow ride two weeks ago I took a header while going downhill and jammed my seat into my right kidney. OW! Took a couple of days to heal, never bothered me while riding, only when I tried to sleep. Sunday the Mrs. and I hiked the 8 miles around Geode, the trail was still covered with ice from that last storm but othwerwise were in good shape, so I got done with a three hour hike, drove home got my bike and drove back out to Geode and did two laps, legs felt worked but endorfins are FREE. Also been doing some intervals on Snake Alley at night, I don't mind the cold as the trainer is BORING me to tears. Think tonight I'm going to try riding around the parking lot for the BEE's baseball diamond here in town, possibly a half mile? but deserted after dark. could be interesting...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Random crappola

Didn't get to my race afterall the hoopla, I was not feelin it sunday, wound up hiking with the Mrs. and the mutts, I'm thinking that too many races too soon were givin me the red-ass so i backed off a bit. I've got 4 hours training time in this week so far between inside and outside rides, I love the rollers-unfortunatly they DO NOT work you at all like the trainer does, I think i'll back WAY off on roller time and just use them as cool down/warm up for the fluid trainer...c'mon daylight savings time, I need some outdoor rides bad, dropped below 180lbs headed to 170 but its a struggle this year. got a flat already on my GRRacer, bummer! i hate friggin tubes, tonight-i'm going to try parking lot racing

Friday, February 03, 2006


I'll tell you what motivation is all about, I read somebody's rant about Bush and biking, not that I care about either, but there seems to be a group who no matter what can't help raggin on what PARTICULAR bike someone is riding. God, nothing fires me up more than that, the very LAST thing I'd do is disrespect anyone's bicycle of choice on a public forum. I don't care if its huffy, next, or Eddy Merkx as long as your bustin your ass to pedal the damn thing. Maybe "elite" riders have nothing else to gain but an ego trip by thumbing their nose at the rest of every wannabee out there, and turn around and cry about how no one is interested in the sport. THAT motivates me every time I get too tired to turn another pedal or gut it up the last hill, cause someday, somebody's gonna whup their ass with a bike that "sucks", and I hope I'm there to see it...

shopping trip


Two races this weekend, a roller race and a gravel road race. I'm gonna do the gravel RR on sunday, should be cold and FAST. Not too many cat 5's show up so I am the proverbial "lantern rouge" at these races, although this will be the debut of my super secret GRR bike, maybe I'll be able to finish with the pack, maybe. Did 30 miles on rollers last night just for aerobics, but I maintained 30mph for an hour and felt really smooth doing it, rollers really improve your spin, and force you to be smooth even reaching for your water bottle. Saturday its outside for some chilly miles...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Not tonight

Too tired after work today, came home and played my axe, I'm gettin purdy good at seether and shine down, have to ride domani (tomorrow)

My new ride-GOT WOOD?

Wait for weight

Kiddo's had their I.E.P. (long story) last night, that means from 5:30 to 7:30 i have to hang around mediapolis (pop. 1600 salute!)what to do? RIDE! put my red blinky on and scared the "straights" as NOBODY expects to see a guy riding around and around a two mile loop in the dark, it was windy so I got a good interval in and twenty more miles in the legs. Last year I started out at 206 lbs!!! NOT GOOD but I finally got down to 178 more or less during the season, this year I'm starting at 180 and I want to be 170 by may, Napolis pizza doesn't help me at all, try tuna right from the can with EL TACO CASA hot sauce mixed in, purdy good. now to the ab work...435 miles for january