Friday, October 27, 2006

Listen up!!

After having watched one too many Warren Miller films lately, I've been thinking about the sound of things. Noise that is music to the ears. I know this is a bike type blog but for me the biking thing is a relatively new interest in a long list of activities in my four plus decades. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the sound of a Chris King hub in the quiet woods, even the buzz of my Conti's on hard pack. YEARS ago it was the sound of a 10 gauge Remington autoloader as you jacked in a fresh round right before shootin hours. Earlier still it was the roar of a tightly wound V8 with 325 degrees of duration and all the N20 it could inhale. But back to Warren Miller, if you are even remotely interested in snowboarding or winter sports Warren makes a film every year (since 1946) that chronicles the highs and lows and the most EXTREME examples of fun in the snow that went on while us Midwesterners were shoveling the stuff. He even pays homage to those crazy "Red-Bull rampage" downhillers once in awhile. Actually its a good thing I don't live near Aspen or Breckenridge (yet) because I would be into POWDER snow deeper than any Carbon Fiber dream bike could ever hope to equal, except maybe an Eddie Merkx AXM.YEAH but I'll tell you what the BEST sound in the world is right now, and even though these trips have become few and far between, due in large part to my "new" addiction to cycling,is the sound of a full rack of climbing gear jangling off my shoulder. I'm talkin about Black diamond cams, Petzel Grigri's, biners, chocks, repelling devices, and all manner of quick draws that STILL generate adrenaline in the system without even having to tie in. Sometimes I'll just sling that rack around to remind myself of why in need to go to work in the morning. I dunno, its cliche to say if I have to explain it you wouldn't understand. Just ONE peak in Iowa, is that too much to ask?? I hope global warming doesn't melt all the snow before I get out there...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bypass X 2...

We got 5.03 miles of trail at DEHN's Brother! Can I get an AMEN? I wonder if that will get Burlington a blip on the singletrack radar now? Oh yeah, you have to include TATERS "goat hill" into that mileage as well. Speaking of, he really needs to post a photo of the gonzo rig he was riding sunday, that my riding friends, is a bike for all seasons...I bet the tires came off a Terra Gator fertilizer truck.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


If your riding Dehn's in the near future be careful on the new bypass for the "executioner", ( I was Bored Wednesday ) its going to be a bit soft on the left side for a bit. I have not even tried it yet myself so let me know what you think. I went down just to smooth off the off camber sections a bit then got carried away. There may be one tree that has its days numbered as well but if I don't have to cut it I won't. Got some ideas on how to get around the quickly deteriorating trail down near the creek right before the hill back up to the "Y" too!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Winding Down...a bit

Raced at Peoria in the final event of the I-74 series, had a decent finish for a change, (4th)which for me is pretty good, plus I felt really good during the race as Farmdale reminds me alot of Sugarbottom but much smoother. Its kinda tuff to decide which series to go to sometimes as Burlington sits smack dab in between most of the places these races are held. Saturday went to the "Panther Creek Challenge" near Springfield Ill. Except this years race was 102 miles, and you could have a three person team or SOLO. I went the solo route, even though I have not even trained for something like that, you never know how bad it could be unless you try right? The course is about 50/50 single track and open field (read GRASS) and each lap was 17 miles. The Milkman (Howie) and I kinda led the solo's for the first two laps and we were keeping the pace almost as high as the Team lap times, near the end of the third lap I started gettin some nasty pain in both my feet, that was a new one on me, felt like I had marbles in my shoes and each turn of the pedals it got worse, I stopped for a bit after I finished 50 miles to try and loosen up my feet but they weren't cooperating so I called it quits. Next time I try something like this I'll be a bit better prepared, Howie has a GREAT system goin and his Mrs. was working his pit like a champ. I know I won't try to drive home again after a race like this either. I was doin the "three man weave" by myself. Could be a few more races I hit this year, I still want to try a CX race and "THE MILKMAN 100 is the 21st. Adio!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Nobody has this view in the races I enter, unless I'm being lapped
M-O-O-N, that spells moon. Where does that line come from? hint only a Steven King fan would know. Still no word from the parks dept. They must be too busy shoo-ing folks out of thier homes in the "manor". I looked at my bikes the other day, I think they miss me. I'm gonna try a 100 mile XC race Saturday, I want to make the 4:30pm cut-off time for the last lap (6 total at 17 miles per)thats the ONLY goal I have for this thing. I am also aware that it could be a very long day in the saddle...ouch.