Tuesday, January 31, 2006

No Racing today

I had planned to hit the "hard core" roller race sunday but some stuff came up i had to take care of, oh well, its early yet and sunday turned out just fine. I ended up doing 45 miles of gravel roads, it was actually nice to get out for a change. instead of spending three hours to and from a six minute race i spent three hours fighting the wind, outsprinting farmer Bob's dogs and putting some real miles on my legs. I'm still waiting for the temps to drop enough so I can get back on the trails. Still workin the weight game, and I'm losing at this point. I will see 170lbs before may, need some will power...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

gasp-n-drool: Teams

gasp-n-drool: Teams Training on rollers with no resistance aint makin it. It does smooth out your spin but it also leaves you unprepaired for the actual flywheel/fan equiped rollers. Damn thats tuff, My second race in and I GAINED 12 seconds, I think attacking in the big ring was WRONG, live and learn. Next race this weekend at CORE, maybe i'll surprise 'em this time. this week i'll stick to my fluid trainer and use the rollers as cooldown. got an e-mail from Patrick O'grady from velonews, turns out his momma's from Iowa, we'll see if he ever includes this in a foaming rant. Adio

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Nice to have teamates! A DICE member I hardly know let me borrow his rollers to train on for the roller race series here in Iowa, my last and first roller race I did the 2 miles in 6.22, and I was not smooth at all. I hoping to knock about 22 seconds off my time and being able to actually ride the rollers should help. Did some hill intervals on Snake Alley monday night and put 30 miles in on the rollers last night

Sunday, January 15, 2006


I thought that since everybody else was a-blogging then why not yours truly? If and when I get smart enough to figure out how to post some photos I'll get em up. till then I'll tell you that I'm really partial to mountain bikes but with the sloppy weather we've been having I'm making do with ROLLER RACING, which would be alot more fun if I had some more experience with rollers. 2 miles are HELL and I was only able to squeak out a 6.22 time but I can knock that down a bit with some post race advice from the folks that do it well...

Here we go...