Friday, September 24, 2010

Leaves in autumn, with corn (part 2)

Here it is fall ALREADY, the last time I posted anything I was still reeling from post-snowboarding-winter is my friend-damn I hate summer blues. OK, to recap the summer it was hot, wet, no bike racing (unless you count the Cobble Climb) dreary, damp, and hot, broken bike (a lot), hot, crappy and wet. The Missus and I did run quite a bit this year, and my bones are none the worse for wear. Unfortunately running doesn't "do it" for me like riding does. Too slow maybe. So now what? I'm still playing the waiting game for news from the West, its painfully apparent that there is no shortage of labor right now, and although I know better it seems I have an itch that I'm gonna scratch no matter what. Tick-tock Doc... Oh yeah, Colorado is nice until you find yourself at 13,000 feet and have to answer the call of nature, and although I'm no Boy Scout, mad scrambling thru my pack revealed a whole box of tucks medicated wipes (whew!) I hope the Marmots forgive me. Please don't ask why I had them, just be grateful I did. So I'm rockin a new-new frame and I find myself being a bit cautious but I know its only a matter of time before I'm talking with Santa again. My running shoes got dirty and are no longer bright white and green, but I've been told they're supposed to look like that. Doing some MUCH needed trail work at Dehn's. Waiting for the first fluffy flakes to fall on me, will they be the Crested variety, or man-made?