Friday, March 25, 2011

Reckoning with reason...

"Everything happens for a reason", I HATE that saying. Its a way to say "Gods will" without being too religious, its a polite version of "shit happens". We say it when when we're struggling to find meaning after a tragedy, it would sound like wisdom if it were not so overused. Reasons are hard to come by even though we say everything happens specifically for them. I tend to believe that everything happens in exactly the way it was intended to happen from the time the universe popped into existence, there is NO escape, even if you try to change the inevitable future, any particular result of your efforts of change was going to happen precisely in the order and manner of the original design. Hows that for a reason? The reason I'm thinking about reasons relates directly to my current state of recovery after having broken my leg again (actually, the third time I've broken the SAME leg again). That reason is painfully obvious (or is it?), bad decision making leads to poor outcomes. "Look before you leap" is a much better saying as it implies a certain pre-vision, as opposed to "everything happens for a reason" as a post apocalyptic explanation of the unexplainable. Its at this juncture we need to insert a bit of Darwinism, not really related to Darwin's Origin of Species but implied in the manner of the risk taker's (read: Dumbest) in a given population that will kill themselves BEFORE they have passed on their DNA, consequently stopping that branch of evolution. Were it not for the fact that I grew up (and currently live) in the most topographically BORING section of the world I KNOW I would not be writing this manifesto in this present time. Everything happens for a reason. I'm old enough now to look back in horrified wonder at all the painless results of my (and my peers) escapades. How am I still here? Everything happens for a reason. Injuries heal, scars fade, memory dims. There must be a plan as yet unrevealed, some elusive...reason that some remain unscathed, some get injured, some die, everyday. I can't wait to see how the future unfolds, you already know its pre-ordained and chiseled in stone. I hope I get to understand the reason that everything happens for, while it happens.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Leaves in autumn, with corn (part 2)

Here it is fall ALREADY, the last time I posted anything I was still reeling from post-snowboarding-winter is my friend-damn I hate summer blues. OK, to recap the summer it was hot, wet, no bike racing (unless you count the Cobble Climb) dreary, damp, and hot, broken bike (a lot), hot, crappy and wet. The Missus and I did run quite a bit this year, and my bones are none the worse for wear. Unfortunately running doesn't "do it" for me like riding does. Too slow maybe. So now what? I'm still playing the waiting game for news from the West, its painfully apparent that there is no shortage of labor right now, and although I know better it seems I have an itch that I'm gonna scratch no matter what. Tick-tock Doc... Oh yeah, Colorado is nice until you find yourself at 13,000 feet and have to answer the call of nature, and although I'm no Boy Scout, mad scrambling thru my pack revealed a whole box of tucks medicated wipes (whew!) I hope the Marmots forgive me. Please don't ask why I had them, just be grateful I did. So I'm rockin a new-new frame and I find myself being a bit cautious but I know its only a matter of time before I'm talking with Santa again. My running shoes got dirty and are no longer bright white and green, but I've been told they're supposed to look like that. Doing some MUCH needed trail work at Dehn's. Waiting for the first fluffy flakes to fall on me, will they be the Crested variety, or man-made?

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Weekend fun

Geode first lap: 46 minutes (after I realized my bike was ready to snap in half...again) Geode second lap: 41 Minutes (after close to sub-40) Climbing Rocks: Did a 5.9 for the first time...sweet. Climbing Stones: Finished 2nd overall in the COBBLE CLIMB, 34.5 seconds. "Missed it by that much" as they say.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I fall to pieces...

I should have known better than to tempt fate but this has been an interesting week to say the least. (NOTE: encrypted text dead ahead) I've been trying to get a rather large and embarrassing monkey off my back for awhile now, and every time I've tried to eradicate this deadly Orangutan it alters my normally pleasant demeanor, in other words I get my GRUMP on. So it was last night, when a perfect storm of circumstances added fuel to that inferno. On the way to Geode my truck reminded me of its pressing need for a new radiator, no harm done and I'll get to it sooner rather than later. I also had not been on the trails since the deluge last week that included at least six inches of rain in a two hour period, Des Moines county and surrounding areas experienced flash flooding of biblical proportions (if you've been on Stoney Hollow road or have seen pics on this blog be advised that right now this road no longer exists) So trying for a 2010 personal best time on flood ravaged trails was foolhardy to begin with but off I went. I've been around long enough to know that holding an 11.5 mph average on ANY trail will get you a top 10 finish in the Sport MTB class, anything over 12 mph average and your in the Expert top 10 hands down. So I'm all anaerobic at 14 mph on the front side when I encounter my first downed tree, I screw up the approach and go ass-over-tea-kettle and bend the crap out of my rear derailleur. 5 minutes of cussing and re-bending commence in ernest as an amused fisherman watches me spit and fume. Oh, I forgot to mention that I've also re-injured my "half pipe" wrist in this melee. Ok, I'm calm again and all is not lost, however the trail has taken a BEATING and has a water carved rut for miles on miles. This is about where I encounter my second downed tree at 20 mph in one of my favorite downhill sections, its about 2 feet high and I can't stop. I lift the front tire to clear it and heave into a bunny-hop attempt at speed, I clear the front but clip the back and I'm now riding a 20 mph endo towards some nice stout Oak trees, GOTTA BAIL QUICK and hit the ground right in front of them. I laid there for awhile in the mud just re-thinking my intended plan for the evening and decided to do a slow ride back to the beach and just enjoy the woods. Oh, thank goodness I got mad at the poor reception and left my Blackberry in the truck cause I would have lost or smashed it twice.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Its been quite a long time since I've pinned on a race number of any sort. Turns out to be a running race that ended this unusual streak. The Great River Bridge Race was Saturday morning, those 6 miles over the bridge and back included a trip up SNAKE ALLEY in the first mile. Again, course volunteers were calling out times as we crossed each mile marker along the route and when I heard 7 minutes and change after the first mile I knew I was going WAY TO FAST. So I settled in for the long haul. Weather was good cause last year we ran in 30 MPH sustained winds with gusts to 45, not too hot not too cold. I was wearing one of the best running shoes ever made by NIKE (in 1999) and up until 2010 had looked surprisingly good cause they've spent most of that time at the bottom of a seemingly bottomless shoe collection on the front porch but after an hour laced to the feet of someone of POOR running form they self destructed in a mess of dry rotted foam and shredded rubber. I'm absolutely stunned that the little air thingy's in the heels didn't pop. A CLASSIC shoe for a classic race. We'll have to see if this running thing merits any investment in decent running attire or if I should just go barefoot. At the 5 mile mark I was at 53 minutes and I knew there was no way I could finish in under an hour as was my goal (when in reality, this being only the second time I've ever ran this far I was happy to finish at all) I crossed the line at 1 hour 3 minutes, not too bad cause later on it took me 3 hours to climb upstairs to go to bed that night.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Three things that caused me pain this week. First one was running a timed mile. Its been almost a full year since I've run any farther than 50 feet, I dislike running for any reason, but once again I've been drafted into doing the Burlington bridge race. Missus Brakeville has been bitten by the "RUN BUG" big time and has been training alot, she usually runs the front side of Geode from the beach to the Dam and back again (6.4 miles or approx. 10K) while I RIDE the complete trail. SIX FRIGGIN miles of running. Last year I ran the 2.2 for the Bridge run with exactly ZERO miles of training and limped for a week. So, how much could one measly timed mile hurt? Quite a bit actually and it took me exactly 8 minutes and 15 seconds to complete, needless to say I could not go up stairs the next day. It was also the next day I found out I'm signed up for SIX FRIGGIN miles of the bridge run. So with legs of stone I decided to try and run SIX FRIGGIN miles at Geode (just to see if I could do it). I ended up running the entire distance, and it was not all that bad. I will say that running downhill sucks and I look older while I'm doing it, going up feels better and once I controlled my breathing I was enjoying myself...ALOT! scary right? My time, 1 hour and 20 minutes on the nose. Gee I'm glad I trained for this years race and I hope I didn't burn it all up last week. Oh yeah, I also went golfing. Golfing? Seriously? Yeah golfing is sort of an obligation each Mothers day, The other 364 days my clubs gather dust which is OK by me. Maybe someday when I can no longer do fun stuff I'll be a golfer. 1 mile run, 6 mile run, golf. YOU LINT LICKER!! WHAT-THE-FRENCHTOAST is my world coming too? BTW I spun a 44 minute Geode time, so close to sub-40 which is good for me :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Hard Sun

I have to admit I'm becoming a bit of a phone geek, all the while knowing that I'm only scratching the surface of what "3G" really means (and honestly I don't know or care what 3G means) However, there are a few nice APPLICATIONS (notice I didn't say apps) that I really enjoy. PANDORA is one of them. Its a free inter-web based radio station that plays music based on your favorite song, band, or artist. Reception is sketchy at times (think Geode) but so is regular cell service, but damn its nice to ride with tunes blasting your earballs the whole time. When I'm away on "business" it tracks down anything I need (food, clothing, shelter, booze) and guides me home via GPS, and I can BLAB to my hearts content during all these things. I've added twitter to this blog cause UBERtwitter (currently located in the upper right hand corner, clicky on the X'y) is another of the APPLICATIONS I take advantage of. Most of my tweeting is in code and quite melancholy at best, mostly meaningless but it is kinda fun following others posts in realtime. Good luck to all the TRANS-IOWA riders, you're gonna need it this weekend!) NOTE: I've traveled more miles by bike this month than the last 5 put together :)