Monday, August 18, 2008

All things to everyone?

Random UTAH photo...
I have enjoyed reading the blogos this summer, everyone doing their own thing and living life. there are a couple on my "must read" list; Jills Sub-Acrtic journal being one of my favs cause she is an excellent writer. I've always wanted (still want) to see Alaska for myself but thanks to Jill, Juneau is NOT on my "hit" list, too much friggin rain. Denali? you bet! Wrangle St. Elias? In a heartbeat! Cordova? Show me to the Helipad for some fresh powder goodness! She's tougher than I could ever be. I like reading Kerkoves stuff, mainly for the race info from out west cause its stuff that sounds like fun, but I don't think I can even ride 100 miles let alone race it. Case in point, a lot of folks give a daily update about their condition "hey, my legs felt light and snappy today". My legs always feel lethargic and dead, except last saturday. For some reason I had endurance (holy sh*t?!), after 20 miles of Dehn's I still felt the need to go further. So i thought why not ride to Geode, do a lap on the trails, and home again. So heading out of town I'm showing off by track standing at a red light on Roosevelt ave. Green light, I'm still in the big ring so I kill it off the line and proceed to snap ALL FOUR CHAIN RING BOLTS, now I'm dodging cars trying to find my sprokets and enough pieces to get to my LBS. Nick fixed me up and I'm on my way out of town, 65 miles later I'm home again. Note to self, you're OUT of Butt Butter! Nice day, about 5 1/2 hours on the mountain bike (repair time included) but a nice change from my normal 1 1/2. I think I may actually *gasp* race a bike again soon. I never know how fast/slow I am till I meet other riders around town (its SLOW btw) but it still makes for good times on a bike and thats what counts. Cyclo-cross isn't too far away, and if my calf muscle stays attached to my fibula I just might make a couple.