Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey's are so misunderstood

Happy Thanksgiving; To the benevolent entity in control of the entire universe, we all tend to bitch a lot, but here is an attempt to rectify our ungrateful nature that exists for the other 364 days. It's a mere happenstance, a chaotic twist of evolutionary chance, a few extra random molecules wound into our DNA are all that separates us from worms, to being able to see, hear, experience and dream our lives away in relative comfort. A species that no longer survives by tooth and nail, but actually changes its environmental conditions to suit our own evolutionary shortcomings. I'm thankful that I'm not naked, boneless and blind on a cold and wet sidewalk, almost hypothermic and all the while still slowly succumbing to the invisible ultraviolet radiation streaming through the cloud cover. Unable to speak, shriek, or change the circumstances whereby one meets the ultimate fate of every living thing...alone and incredibly anonymous.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Leaves in Autumn, with corn...

The "narrows", Keep Right go's without sayin. Sweet bypass of Single track goodness (note the mush down below) I started calling this section "SLUGS" cause I found about 10 empty 12 gauge shells during its construction. Heres what they've been shootin at, meet Junior. Nice Buck but theres also "Big Daddy" who's half again as big with what looks like an Oak growing out of his skull, he only comes out at night and he's quite camera shy...I can't imagine why? I need a better camera, or some photography classes. If you ask anyone, and myself included, fall is the most favored season. Autumn in the Midwest makes living here almost bearable. Dehn's is no exception, its odd that no matter how much rain we get the trail is still as hard-packed as a sidewalk with one proviso, it does get about a 1/2" of slimy, slippery mud puddin on top, which is similar to riding on ice topped with snot. Happiness is a dirty bike (and I whine about going through cassettes and chains too fast Ha!). While other trails around the area turn into bogs that can reach the depth of your hubs, if you're willing to get spackeled, Dehn's is pretty much OK until the frost heaves in spring start.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Almost time...

Close enough to start wishing for some snow! Check out the link to My REAL Job. Its actually a great time and as I progress in this sport its becoming increasingly evident I need to start wearing protective gear. Its getting colder and I've been practicing my Snowboard OLLIES in the living room, which by the way is a never ending source of amusement for Missus Brakeville. I tend to get a little too excited about boarding, for instance, I had one young student last year who's Mother had dressed in FIVE FREAKIN LAYERS of winter gear. Sometimes I take it for granted that me being fairly OLD, people should have NO problem keeping up with my lesson speed, however, even in the 10 degree cold this poor kid started turning a bright shade of red, then a ghostly white, and promptly threw up all over the bunny hill. After many apologies to his parents (who were really cool BTW)and the removal of a couple layers from the Lad to keep from overheating, I slowed the pace WAAAYYY down and and made my exhuberance level matches my students capabilities. Live and Learn :) I may even try to Ski this year, but I don't want to jack my knees up any more than they already are. C'mon POWDER!!!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dehn's and Deer's

"TEAM TITANIC" yes thousands of people died in the cold water in 1912, however, this time it was a happy ending Go jump in the lake, much warmer at this years POLAR PLUNGE than last year. Mama don't care unless you talk, then they FREAK! Thanks to our Local Bicycle shop BICKELS, I was able to spend the entire day Saturday blowing the leaves off Dehn's trails. Its a pretty long walk carrying the industrial sized leaf blower they have but its worth the effort cause you can actually SEE the trail now, especially at night. I talked with one of the land owners as well (he thought I was a four wheeler when he heard 4 hours of leaf blowing) Really nice guy who just purchased 11 more acres of Dehn's, hates four wheelers but likes us bikers. You'll be seeing more "no tresspassing" signs in the future but he is specifically targeting the wheeler crowd. If you see him make sure you thank him for letting us maintain and ride trails on his property. Next up I'm going to get rid of the WIDE bridge the wheelers are/were using to get around the main loop and a more biker/hiker bridge will be installed in-line with the flow on that hill.