Monday, May 18, 2009


Running. I heard a comedian comment about runners, he said "nobody likes 'em, they're all skinny and in great shape!" George Carlin said "running isn't a sport, ruuning is a way to get someplace faster than walking". Running for me has always been painfull, maybe because I do it so infrequently, or perhaps because it shakes loose the 30 extra pounds on my gut like jello in a baggie. The Missus and I volunteered to help at the registration for Burlington's Bridge Run on Saturday, all we had to do was hand out pre-registered packets to the racers (and listen to the inevitable jock-snots whine about everything from the free tee-shirt size to the course itself, I think every race promoter wonders why these types of people even show up if not to flap their gums and bitch). For our efforts we scored a free entry into the race WOO HOO! There is NO WAY I'd run six miles unless a Grizzley was behind me, or maybe if a passle of Bigfoots attack me at night in the woods and steal my bike, so we both opted for the 2.2 mile version, and I can tell you the last YEAR in which I've run farther than 1 mile was 2004. Be that as it may, my only goal was to RUN the entire 2.2 miles, even going up snake alley or into the 35 mile per hour sustained headwind on the return across the bridge, I would continue to do my best impression of a "run". At the 1 mile mark they were yelling out the times, my first mile? 11 minutes, 26 seconds. DUDE, at that pace I could complete in under a half hour! So across the bridge we go with the wind at our backs, not too bad at the turn, the REAL runners will continue on to get their six.("not I" said the sly Fox) I drafted a 70 year old guy I caught on the bridge while we were buffeted by the killer headwindn, and once we passed the middle of the bridge and were on the downhill side, I hit the gas and passed him! (I'm so ashamed) Anyway, I finished at 25 minutes and 9 seconds, well under the half hour I had thought it would take me. I must confess my running shoes were purchased sometime in the last century, if memory serves 1998. They look brand new, but my feet are fatter or something cause they don't fit very well. My toes hurt, my thighs are mush, and every time I sit down now I wonder if they will support my weight when I stand again. I may have even had a little fun...running.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dirty little secrets...

Santa Cruz Blur XC Carbon...BIKEGASM!!! 4.4 lbs total The secret is I really don't know jack when it comes to bike mechanics, so nows the time to learn. A thank you goes out to my LBS for loaning me some tools I don't have. Is it bad when theres parts left over? Almost done, "Mr. T" to the rescue, cause I didn't want to even attempt shift cables. I got NO skilz! Thank you SIR! He then went on to diagnose that my rear wheel is ready to split in half and handed me a spoke wrench. *gulp* Old and new. New bike is 24 lbs. total. That might not sound so great but its two lbs. lighter than before and I'm running a list of heavier albeit stronger components. (read cheaper to replace as well) XTR cassettes last about 9 months before the teeth are gone and at 300 bucks a pop FUGETABOUTIT. If I was REALLY worried about weight I'd consider dropping a few LBS. off MY enlarged rear end, and thats basically free. Dirty secret number two? I have NOT been able to ride my new bike more than 20 feet due to work and friggin rain. I'm almost the membrane...insane in th...well you understand.