Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Hard Sun

I have to admit I'm becoming a bit of a phone geek, all the while knowing that I'm only scratching the surface of what "3G" really means (and honestly I don't know or care what 3G means) However, there are a few nice APPLICATIONS (notice I didn't say apps) that I really enjoy. PANDORA is one of them. Its a free inter-web based radio station that plays music based on your favorite song, band, or artist. Reception is sketchy at times (think Geode) but so is regular cell service, but damn its nice to ride with tunes blasting your earballs the whole time. When I'm away on "business" it tracks down anything I need (food, clothing, shelter, booze) and guides me home via GPS, and I can BLAB to my hearts content during all these things. I've added twitter to this blog cause UBERtwitter (currently located in the upper right hand corner, clicky on the X'y) is another of the APPLICATIONS I take advantage of. Most of my tweeting is in code and quite melancholy at best, mostly meaningless but it is kinda fun following others posts in realtime. Good luck to all the TRANS-IOWA riders, you're gonna need it this weekend!) NOTE: I've traveled more miles by bike this month than the last 5 put together :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ride the Lightning

No not the electric chair, actually riding a bike again. While the rest of the cycling world was busy building base miles I was busy making turns, now comes the fun part. How many weeks before I don't get dropped on the Roadie Tuesday group ride? Well the count is 1 & 1. There are a few bright spots though, first one is I don't care as much these days as I used to, dunno why, but its not the end all beat all score sheet of my world as it once was. It may take until september, but I'll get there eventually. The second one is even brighter, by watching what I eat and trying to eat better food I'm headed into spring already below 180 pounds, that in itself is a small miracle. Normally at this time of year I'm just three LBS shy of what I refer to as "the FATBOY club" (200+), so my psuedo diet is going quite well thank you. Oh yeah, ever get that ANNOYING creak during a MTB ride and you just can't find the cause? Well its been officially twice now, ANOTHER broken pivot axle on the Blur. That means I've managed to snap all four of them at one time or another, hey Titanium is light and sexy, however, in its application here I could live with chunky and durable steel. SANTA CRUZ has been very good about getting me the repair parts F.O.C. and I get to learn basic bike Winter seems far removed already cause its 80 degrees in April, I better get my snowboard out of the truck and put away now. :(

Friday, April 09, 2010

Thats COLD!

Well I chased winter anyway, above is union bowl at Copper. (HOLY SH*T)I dropped off a small cliff and cratered into 5 feet of powder, had a little trouble extracting myself on that one. No injuries to speak of, except that I got stuck for a week in Colorado on business (no really I did) with exactly two changes of clothes. That means I got to be on the slopes during GAPER day. This is the day that Colorado locals harass and annoy everyone from out of state, so I tried to blend in as best I could. To be honest I am ready for warmer weather now, it snowed ALOT everyday I was there, so much in fact I-70 was closed for awhile, with lows in the single digits I needed more layers on the lifts but boarding down was warm enough. I chatted with a guy who was indeed handi-capable on his sit-ski, if you haven't seen one of these up close they are as complex and groovy a machine as it gets. Complete carbon fiber frame, suspension and seat all mounted on a custom built snowboard. I don't know if I'd have the cajones to ride one of these things or not but he looked smoooooth making turns downhill. The cranes are migrating across Nebraska as well. They go north in the summer and south in the winter, those two things are the ONLY two things thing that ever occur in Nebraska (besides camping near the borrow pit lakes by the freeway) WORD: Cautiously optimistic