Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cross Training...maybe?

Welcome to Monarch Mountain Colorado! The temp. is a balmy 50 degrees and its a KAVU day, Klear above, view unlimited, add in runs that approach a mile in length and SEND IT!...I'm thinking about dusting off my bike someday but right now I'm PRAYING for more snow and cold. A perfect February get-a-way. This is near the top of Monarch's "K2 organic terrain park", about three hundred yards of 45 degree slope into a 25' tall kicker. It took me three times just riding by it before I actually had the nerve to hit this jump, the first time I almost didn't have enough speed to make it up the verticle wall. After a couple of succesfull hits, I had to quit because the Ski patrol was evac-ing an injured skier, kinda sobering but this thing was too good to pass on. Also had a buuch of smaller jumps, log rides, rails and various other ways to commit suicide by board and I spent an entire day trying em all, free adrenaline and I escaped with no "major" injuries, SWEET! (edit: I DID bust my ass on a stoopid rail grind, but I healed quick cause all the kiddies were watching, can you say IBUPROPHEN?) Top-o-the world Ma! Things become much clearer at 12,000 feet, hey look, you can see Telluride about 100 miles away! Nary a cornfield in sight either. The Missus and I at the Lodge, three days of solid boarding make your quads SCREAM. I don't know if it translates to riding a bike but I hope it stays winter for a long time.