Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Down with the sickness...

Usually that refers to something that is especially exciting and enthusiastic that you plan to be involved in, however, dropping 8 lbs in an evening from violent gastric outbursts I was literally down with it. What was meant to be a cyclocross weekend bash turned to bust after the first Jinglecross race on saturday, The course was a blast and I did turn in a good finish, even popped my last four recover-ease pills for Sundays race. Using a mountain bike in a CX race is kinda tuff but I was able to ride the sand trap and mud pits a little easier on the fat tires. (if that was ALL the course threw at me) but riding on grass sucks the marrow from your bones. Funny that as fast as the creeping crud hit me Saturday night, by Sunday night I was pretty much OK, I guess my entry fee (donation) went to a good cause, but I'd rather have raced, LETS HEAR IT FOR NYQUIL AND LYSOL, and a timely visit from my old friends Ernest and Julio Gallo. Much needed antioxidants and pain medication in an easy to administer liquid!! I was also quite surprised to discover just how VIOLENT and DANGEROUS Tiawanese soccer has become, the last I knew it was kinda like a Polo match without the horses or the mallets. I'm guessing the rampant steroid abuse in Asian FUTBAL has finally ruined the gentle game that was. Right now my road bike sits silently in the trainer "on my six" (that means behind me, right MIDZ?) but after I get done with this I'm gonna send in my entrys to TRANS IOWA V3, mostly because I'm a moron, but partly because the MILKMAN has thrown down the guantlet. ignorance really IS bliss (speaking for myself of course), I better start training soon.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Yes Cyclocross, enjoyed only by the Euro-yuppie? Road geeks with lil' knobbies?? Actually RUNNING while the bike is riding YOU?? WTF??? Yeah its actually pretty fun. Didn't fare too bad in my first race, just stayed out of the way, but its a new twist for me, (now I need a new bike kinda thing), I signed up for the Jingle cross this weekend and looking forward to it. I'm sure I've broken some kind of unwritten CX law, but I was wearing shoe covers too! Uncool?? en vogue?? not "in" this season, like wearing white after labor day? why don't somebody tell me these things?? In reality, I just think the NIKE emblem on em' goes with my tights, ha ha tights, thats kinda funny as well.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Plans, Pains, and Practice

I'm waiting for my Cateye to get here, I have found myself AVOIDING the dreaded trainer lately and just riding at night with my red blinkie, which works really well if your behind, but without a headlight I'm playing with fire. Not only that but I'd rather be riding the trails anyway. Planning on doin a CX race this weekend, that will be a lesson in humility for sure but it looks fun, as my first attempt , this is the last race in this series, maybe no one will notice me floundering. Also believe I'll be doing trans-Iowa version 3, the only regret I have is this race is a loop and not "border to border" as versions 1 and 2 were. Put a call in AGAIN to the parks dept. to see about the status (or lack thereof) of our little trail system at Dehn's, I'm thinkin it could be included in a "sno-bike" series if the proper permissions were granted. If your lost, always follow the reflectors. unless your riding backwards, then your screwed!! So far no call back STILL, what I'm really lookin for is an OK to finally make Dehn's four wheeler forbidden, with strategic placement of SIGNS and posts to deter ridin em down there. Also expect a rock garden soon in the new-new section of singletrack, don't worry, i'll have an alternate route around these but there will be a TIME penalty for avoiding the rocks. YEAH!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006


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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Darkness falls...

I hate going back to "regular" time, when it gets dark at 4:30pm I get lazy. Can't wait for my light to show up. I was thinking about stringing 5 miles of extension cord thru Dehn's to light up the trail till then. I don't suppose the "Y" would notice if I tee'd off where they park the school buses???? Went all URBAN last night, think I scared the seasoned citizens coming off the gambling boat. The new library has a 25 to 30 foot rock wall behind it, hmmm, I bet a person could get a lil climbing in after hours if they were so inclined, I think it would rate a 5.6 to 5.7 easy, but i was wearing cleats so foot holds were sketchy at best, could run some water down it during january and have an ice climbing festival. Crampons are cool, if i owned a set I'd wear em to work just for the fun of it. nice days ahead, wednesday is no work and all play day...