Monday, July 31, 2006

Greg LeMond...

Worthless whinning PRICK, or just a sore WINNER? Chime in as Greg has given the whole world his view as a "clean" cyclist, and condemned EVERY other American out there! With a Fenchie name like "LeMond" its not surprising he's already convicted Floyd Landis. I wish he would just shut the hell up. We know you won the TDF THREE times Greg, we know you were the FIRST American to win a TDF Greg. Now go support the sport instead of tearing it down every chance you get...Swinging TOOL!!! Thats my RANT for the day... :)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just when you thought it was safe...

Its the stuff of legend, whispered about in hushed tones and passed on in tales and stories by those that have heard or witnessed the frightening truth. Dehn's woods has a spirit, a "free spirit" if you will. I had heard about this phantom that roamed the woods at dusk in the summertime, that magic hour between light and dark, where shadows can play tricks and the eyes. Unexplained sightings of a guy, a NAKED guy, who has been seen only by a few of the "lucky" riders who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Right in the middle of my training ride last night, third lap, I was getting tired and focusing only on the trail flowing under my front tire, right before my very eyes the trail I was concentrating on turned into a rather large, middle aged, ASS. Attached to this ASS was the rest of the "NAKED GUY". I stiffled a laugh as I quickly dodged him and said aloud "now theres something you don't see everyday!" The "NAKED GUY" was silent, he seemed more concerned with the dog he was walking (leashed, but naked as well). 100 yards up the trail, morbid curiousity took over, and just like a car accident, I couldn't help but shoot a quick glance behind me, maybe just to assure myself I actually DID see the "NAKED GUY", But he was GONE. Disappearing quickly into the fading light with his trusty sidekick (no, it was NOT a weenie dog). There are unexplained sightings of crop circles, bigfoot, even the loch ness monster, beware Dehn's woods. For a "NAKED GUY" haunts these lonely trails, elusive, and unashamed...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Loose ten pounds in a day!

Easy way to drop some weight, ride your bike when its 100 dergrees outside. Of course you may croak but the weight just drips right off. Bummer about Sugar bottom XC event, maybe there will be a replacement??? Should be racing in Peoria this weekend, haven't been over for awhile and I'm looking forward to seeing the PAMBA folks again! HOT DAMN, just watched FLOYD LANDIS come back and KICK ASS in the "tour"!! Try THAT sometime, solo away from an elite field of racers for 100 miles, in the ALPS, no help from ANYBODY, gain back all but 30 seconds for the yellow jersey. I can't even begin to feel the pain of that ride. I know the tour is a roadie thing but it is inspiring this year!!! GO FLOYD

Monday, July 10, 2006

I still ride...sometimes

And I have the scars to prove it! Dehn's is REALLY fast right now, and I'm guessing just like the rest of the trails in the midwest DUSTY and loose in the corners. Kinda like a sandy sidewalk. Remember how I said I would not replace my old LX shifters until they were damaged? Well, one of Dennis' super logs made short work of them, along with a derailure hanger, a couple of spokes, and a cable. I'm not sure how many more times my knee will heal before it just turns to mush but it's OK for now. I'm prolly gonna hit up the "Iowa Games" MTB race this Sat., although its supposed to be near 100 degrees again this year. Note to bike shops, when servicing requires messing with a disc brake, WIPE THE OIL OFF IT!!! Its so much easier to stop when the rotor is DRY. I'm whinning I know. I'm kinda gettin burn out this time of year so I better refocus a bit, less miles more intensity may help, also gettin quite lazy with bloggin updates, too many other irons in the fire. Stay safe and watch out for cars all you roadies out there...

Friday, July 07, 2006

It used to be broken Bike parts...

There she is, The Jersey Devil. Its not Broken, its BRITISH!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Great Beyond

I'm not dead yet. I had a BADBike weekend. I will be a certified auto mechanic soon. I will post again. I need a vacation. Viva le TOUR!