Thursday, December 28, 2006

Gearing Up...

Had to get some needed gear this winter, although I did NOT get the Cateye Triple shot Pro that I wanted, (been waiting for 3 months now) I ended up getting a Nite Rider light. For those of you old enough, The Night Rider was the "Toe Cutter's" right hand man in MAD MAX, not to be confused with David Hasselhoff as Michael Night and "Kitt". If I have to associate that name with anything I'd prefer "mid-NIGHT Rider" from the Allman brothers. Names aside its the same light that I borrowed earlier this fall from Tater and it kicks ass! More than I wanted to spend but its awesome when cars actually wait before turning directly in front of you, and its almost overkill in the woods . Mr. 24 also recommended a bar map holder for TRANS IOWA, jeesh its only 8 bucks so I got one of those as well. Now all I have to do to win T.I.V3 is pay someone jacked on testosterone to impersonate me during the race and all is well. Needless to say I'll be outside instead of inside, sweating on the trainer. Might have to talk the Mrs. into a gravel road ride for 1/1/07. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'd rather be riding...

...But I'm at work STILL, this whole "work thing" is starting to effect my riding.

Monday, December 18, 2006

320 to 330 miles...

TRANS IOWA V.3 Oh boy here we go. I didn't wait in front of the tube staurday for the roster to be posted. I figured me an the Milkman were in so I decided to put the rubber on the gravel. Two things became apparent during that ride, 1. Its gonna be a LONG way, even though I only did 50 miles of gravel, I was going TOO fast, yeah I know I'm talkin about Me but keeping a 14 mph average heading back to town on the "bottoms" nearly killed me as the south wind was gusting to 25. I finally completed a route to Oakville that is gravel all the way there and back. Also found out that the climb up stony hollow road is indeed an honest two miles, into the wind its too easy to sweat it up then freeze the rest of the way, lesson learned? PACE is going to be critical. Got done saturday, went out ot eat (the generals chicken estas caliente) watched football, slept, ate breakfast in my jammies, suited up and hit the road again. Only to realize that if I were actually riding in the race, I would have been out there ALL THAT TIME. uh-oh. Mrs. Brakeville and I did the first part of the same route at a 10 mph average and that is going to be KEY in finishing this thing. 2. WEATHER, it was a nice 50 degrees on saturday but windy as hell, sunday a little cooler but almost dead calm, come april it could be 70 or it could be 20 outside, snow, rain, windy, sunny, warm, dry. The weather will be the deciding factor in this. Gotta figure out what works for the conditions and follow the boy scout motto...I also found myself mooing at the cows alot, i wonder if they know their fate and are even now laying plans to attack the hapless riders in the wee hours of the morning. eat beef today- pork tomorrow!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Oh CRAP I'm "it"...

I got "tagged" so I must disclose six interesting things about me, then tag six more blog authors with the same task. Its kinda tuff to find 6 INTERESTING things about me but here go's; 1. I know what all 3 major bones in my right leg look like (painful but true) 2. I want to go sailing (preferably in a boat) 3. In my spare time I study quantum theory, and the theory of everything (no shit. why?) 4. I can request a cigarette and lighter in Italian 5. I got scolded by the guards in the Sistine Chapel. (sorry Jesus) 6. I'm learning how to play the guitar I'll tag

Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekends We Like

Its been awhile since I've had as busy a weekend as this. If you are interested in "indoor" racing at all you need to go HERE. 8 Up racing on a computer controlled trainer, your own bike, the big screen in front of you displays your position, speed, average speed, distance from the lead, and power in watts. What a blast! The computer even has "drafting" programmed in that you can feel at the pedals, it does NOT however, let you coast on the downhills. SAWEET! Donnie has an excellent place set-up, and roller racing here will be THE best spot on the calender. Clean changing rooms and a hot shower after. I may never race outside again! I will say that I have NEVER pushed myself that hard on a trainer before, I've always had a high heart rate but DAMN, during this race it never dropped below 195 bpm's. WOW! After I got back from the Quads, I drove the Family BACK to Andulusia for a evening of Snowboarding and Skiing. I don't quite have my 360 down yet and my right shoulder is still hurting this morning. I did find out that 8 days in Alaska Heli-skiing with the CHUGACH POWDER GUIDES only costs $6,500!!!! I'll be taking donations for that trip, Why do I watch WARREN MILLER movies????? Cause I like EM! Now its gonna get warm and sloppy, rode in the woods sunday and I think that was even tougher than saturdays racing, We need MORE cold so they can make MORE fake snow!!!