Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Heavy stuff

I'm starting to hate the news, more so now than ever. Rather than go into a long rant about the crap that passes as important "need to know" news items, I thought I'd let TOOL sum up my feelings about it. Watch about 15 minutes of CNN and this song makes complete sense. Vicarious (10000 days- TOOL) eye on the TV 'cause tragedy thrills me. Whatever flavour it happens to be like; Killed by the husband, drowned by the ocean, shot by his own son, she used the poison in his tea and kissed him goodbye. thats my kinda story. Its no fun 'til someone dies. Don't look at me like I am a monster. Frown out your one face but with the other. Stare like a junkie into the TV. Stare like a zombie. While the mother holds her child' watches him die. Hands to the sky crying why oh why? 'Cause I need to watch things die ...from a distance Vicariously I, live while the whole world dies. You all need it too, don't lie. Why can't we just admit it? We won't give pause until blood is flowing. Neither the brave nor bold, writers of stories sold. We won't give pause until blood is flowing. I need to watch things die. ...from a good safe distance. Vicariously I, live while the whole world dies. You all feel the same so why don't you just admit it? Blood like rain come down Drawn on grave and ground. Part vampire, part warrior. Carnivore and voyeur. Stare at the transmittal. Sing to the death rattle. Credulous at best your desire to believe in angels in the hearts of men. Pull your head on out, your head believes it give a listen. Shouldn't have to say it all again. The universe is hostile, so impersonal. Devour to survive, so it is. So its always been. we all feed on tragedy, its like blood to a vampire. Vicariously I, live while the whole world dies. Much better you than I.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Water & Rock

It only rained two inches in 70 miles, never carry electronic equipment in a thunderstorm... CUJO takes a pull! Until the lightning started, then he bailed I know you can't read it, is says "impassable during high water" hell it wasn't even up to my hubs... When you come to a fork in the road, take it...yeah thanks for nothin YOGI "DUUUUDE, is that KERKOVE?" "No way Holmes, Kerkove's in GREEN this year".

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dirt First

No not "EARTH first" but close, nice to be on the trails last night, just a little spongy but NO MUD. Makes you work for the miles! The bypass, this will be a roller coaster ride when its hardpack!!! Still have some work to do, but its 95% A-OK First blood! Too many sticks to avoid...

Monday, March 19, 2007

CODY Race 1

We need MORE DICE guys!!! (photos stolen from Bryan Moritz) I've done this race three years in a row now, the first two years I finished with the exact same numbers 1:08 @ 18.5 MPH, this year I was able to knock it down to 1:03 @ 19.5 MPH. Not stunning by any means but better than the previous two...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Whats that sound?...

All over the midwest, on any given Tuesday, hundreds of cabin fever cyclists took to the streets. In every city and town, on paved roads or gravel, the sounds of freewheels buzzing and folks clipping into their pedals. The return of the "TUESDAY NIGHT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS", (where ever your respective world is) signals the coming season. Of course the motorists love to see everyone riding again, and judging by the amount of honking horns, half rolled down window screaming, and pedal--to-the-metal drive byes, they to welcome this annual parade of lycra as well!! Now I gotta wait for the trails to dry out and begin a major clean up after the ice. Scott County Park on Sunday! Viva le bike!

Monday, March 12, 2007


If anyone has ever seen the movie "Little Big Man" with Dustin Hoffman you'll know where I'm coming from. In one of my former lives I was a Hunter, Ducks, Geese, Turkey, anything and everything. I enjoyed it then as much as I enjoy Biking today. But things change, what I once thought I couldn't live without, I now have only fond memories of; great times afield with family and friends. I still search the sky when I hear Geese off in the distance, I can still identify ducks on the wing just by their flight patterns. The adventure of navigating the river during pitch black frosty mornings when the constellations in the sky provide you your only directions STILL haunt my dreams. Today I said goodbye to one of the last remaining partners I had on those long ago hunts. My Chesapeake Bay Retriever Moses, going on 13 years he was graying like a distinguished gentleman, a little less bounce in his step and few more pounds on his rump, but always ready to go with tail swooshing. Although his spirit never left him, his health did, and I had to take him on his last boat ride this morning. G'bye Old man. Odessa's Mighty Moses 1995 - 2007

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Super cool series hosted by the Midwest's best!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Racing Returns in March

Coming up March 18th, DICE presents the first of two (road) races, named for the famous Buffalo Bill Cody. (although I'm not sure of the connection to skinning Bison in the old west and racing bikes now-a-days) but whatever! This is normally THE first race of the season for me and gets that initial ass-kickin out of the way early! Kinda looking forward to it, just hope the weather cooperates. You may have noticed my distinctly negative tone above. FEAR NOT, I got a line on some new coaching techniques by the Zen Master of human powered vehicles. Forget intervals, hill repeats, spinervals, all that is OLD SCHOOL. I highly recommend grabbing that hot little mastercard and spend that money where it counts! This is the BEST DAMN coaching program I've ever seen. You could be as good as me someday :) Mattonne

Monday, March 05, 2007

TIT's (trans iowa trainin-sucka)

Sunday was another fight to get some gravel miles in, the weather here has been a pain in the ass as of late. I don't know if I'll be ready for T.I.3 or not but its coming up quickly. Sundays ride was 60+ miles, I'm still trying to determine just exactly what I should be wearing on the "race", cause once again I got REALLY cold during a pit stop along the way, maybe my pace was too high (time/speed being relative to the observer) I know that I'm nobody's endurance racer, still, after Trans Iowa is done I'm going to try the 24hr event at seven oaks this year, just for the fun of it. All that aside I'm gonna continue to focus on "regular" XC events, 30 miles and OUT. Sounds like a new MTV program. Mattonne Some picturesque Iowa farmland,(sigh) accessible only by MILES OF FRIGGIN GRAVEL! Now I gotta clean it up AGAIN...