Friday, March 25, 2011

Reckoning with reason...

"Everything happens for a reason", I HATE that saying. Its a way to say "Gods will" without being too religious, its a polite version of "shit happens". We say it when when we're struggling to find meaning after a tragedy, it would sound like wisdom if it were not so overused. Reasons are hard to come by even though we say everything happens specifically for them. I tend to believe that everything happens in exactly the way it was intended to happen from the time the universe popped into existence, there is NO escape, even if you try to change the inevitable future, any particular result of your efforts of change was going to happen precisely in the order and manner of the original design. Hows that for a reason? The reason I'm thinking about reasons relates directly to my current state of recovery after having broken my leg again (actually, the third time I've broken the SAME leg again). That reason is painfully obvious (or is it?), bad decision making leads to poor outcomes. "Look before you leap" is a much better saying as it implies a certain pre-vision, as opposed to "everything happens for a reason" as a post apocalyptic explanation of the unexplainable. Its at this juncture we need to insert a bit of Darwinism, not really related to Darwin's Origin of Species but implied in the manner of the risk taker's (read: Dumbest) in a given population that will kill themselves BEFORE they have passed on their DNA, consequently stopping that branch of evolution. Were it not for the fact that I grew up (and currently live) in the most topographically BORING section of the world I KNOW I would not be writing this manifesto in this present time. Everything happens for a reason. I'm old enough now to look back in horrified wonder at all the painless results of my (and my peers) escapades. How am I still here? Everything happens for a reason. Injuries heal, scars fade, memory dims. There must be a plan as yet unrevealed, some elusive...reason that some remain unscathed, some get injured, some die, everyday. I can't wait to see how the future unfolds, you already know its pre-ordained and chiseled in stone. I hope I get to understand the reason that everything happens for, while it happens.

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