Monday, May 10, 2010


Three things that caused me pain this week. First one was running a timed mile. Its been almost a full year since I've run any farther than 50 feet, I dislike running for any reason, but once again I've been drafted into doing the Burlington bridge race. Missus Brakeville has been bitten by the "RUN BUG" big time and has been training alot, she usually runs the front side of Geode from the beach to the Dam and back again (6.4 miles or approx. 10K) while I RIDE the complete trail. SIX FRIGGIN miles of running. Last year I ran the 2.2 for the Bridge run with exactly ZERO miles of training and limped for a week. So, how much could one measly timed mile hurt? Quite a bit actually and it took me exactly 8 minutes and 15 seconds to complete, needless to say I could not go up stairs the next day. It was also the next day I found out I'm signed up for SIX FRIGGIN miles of the bridge run. So with legs of stone I decided to try and run SIX FRIGGIN miles at Geode (just to see if I could do it). I ended up running the entire distance, and it was not all that bad. I will say that running downhill sucks and I look older while I'm doing it, going up feels better and once I controlled my breathing I was enjoying myself...ALOT! scary right? My time, 1 hour and 20 minutes on the nose. Gee I'm glad I trained for this years race and I hope I didn't burn it all up last week. Oh yeah, I also went golfing. Golfing? Seriously? Yeah golfing is sort of an obligation each Mothers day, The other 364 days my clubs gather dust which is OK by me. Maybe someday when I can no longer do fun stuff I'll be a golfer. 1 mile run, 6 mile run, golf. YOU LINT LICKER!! WHAT-THE-FRENCHTOAST is my world coming too? BTW I spun a 44 minute Geode time, so close to sub-40 which is good for me :)

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