Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Random crappola

Didn't get to my race afterall the hoopla, I was not feelin it sunday, wound up hiking with the Mrs. and the mutts, I'm thinking that too many races too soon were givin me the red-ass so i backed off a bit. I've got 4 hours training time in this week so far between inside and outside rides, I love the rollers-unfortunatly they DO NOT work you at all like the trainer does, I think i'll back WAY off on roller time and just use them as cool down/warm up for the fluid trainer...c'mon daylight savings time, I need some outdoor rides bad, dropped below 180lbs headed to 170 but its a struggle this year. got a flat already on my GRRacer, bummer! i hate friggin tubes, tonight-i'm going to try parking lot racing


Midz said...

Where you at, Matt?!

mattonne said...

sorry, been a busy little cuss here lately